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  • Choco

    Gold Discovery

    Project Overview

    The wholly owned Choco Gold project, located approximately 120 km SW of MedellĂ­n Colombia, is currently being reduced to approximately 300 sq. km. of mineral applications.

    The applications cover, or are adjacent, to historic production of 605,110 ounces of gold by Choco Pacific Mining (1906 to 1990), and encompass the conglomerate gold discovery, including the most recent alluvial concentrate results of sample 001 grading 340.84 g/t gold and 111.03 g/t platinum and sample 002 grading 222.06 g/t gold and 113.83 g/t platinum (see April 16, 2019 News Release and map below).

    Exploration Strategy

    As shown in the Exploration Strategy Schematic, the Company is working on an exploration model where the gold bearing conglomerates have formed at the base of the western slopes of the mountains to the east.

    The Company considers systematic bulk sampling at surface to be the most practical means of determining grade, processing characteristics and the lateral extent of the flat-lying gold bearing mineralized system. Sampling exposed faces of outcrops will provide initial assessment of thickness, depth and vertical continuity of the gold through the system.

    Max has commenced discussions with a potential partner with the prerequisite expertise to assist with the gold bearing conglomerate project.