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    Past News

    December 21st 2020Max Resource Obtains Historic Drilling Core from its New RT Gold Project in PeruDecember 9th 2020Max Resource Commences Analysis of Historic Drill Cores and Seismic Data for its CESAR Copper-Silver Project, NE ColombiaDecember 2nd 2020Max Resource Significantly Expands the Herradura Copper-Silver Zone at AM North from 16 to 29 sq.km, CESAR Project, ColombiaNovember 24th 2020Max Resource Secures 100% of Underlying Royalties, CESAR Copper-Silver Project, in ColombiaNovember 17th 2020Kupferschiefer Presentation at Colombia Gold Symposium Validates Similarities with Max Resource’s CESAR ProjectNovember 9th 2020Max Resource Discovers Copper-Silver 200-km South in CESAR Basin with Highlight Grab Values of 11.4% Copper + 656 g/t SilverOctober 28th 2020Max Resource Reports 3.0% Copper + 29 g/t Silver Over 250-metres at AM North on its CESAR Project, NE ColombiaOctober 26th 2020Max Resource Closes Oversubscribed $6.5 Million Private PlacementOctober 9th 2020Max Resource Increases Private Placement to $6,000,000October 7th 2020Max Resource Reports Assays of 3.3% Copper Over 25-Metres and Another New Discovery at AM South, CESAR Project, NE ColombiaOctober 4th 2020Max Resource Appoints Global Investment Banker Rahim Kassim-Lakha as Strategic Corporate AdvisorSeptember 29th 2020Max Resource Executes Option to Acquire 100% of the RT Gold Property in PeruSeptember 23rd 2020Max Resource Increases Private Placement to $4,800,000September 1st 2020Max Resource Reports CESAR Copper-Silver Project to be Presented at the IV Geological Congress in PolandAugust 25th 2020Max Resource Reports Presence of Silver-Bearing Copper Sulfides and Native Silver in the AM South Zone at CESAR Project, NE ColombiaAugust 19th 2020Max Resource Closes $1.05 Million Private PlacementJuly 29th 2020Max Resource Reports New Highlight Values of 34.4% Copper + 305 g/t Silver within the AM North Zone at its CESAR Project, NE ColombiaJuly 21st 2020Max Resource Signs Confidentiality Agreement for its CESAR Copper-Silver Project, NE ColombiaJuly 14th 2020Max Resource Reports 5.6% Copper and 70 g/t Silver From 13 metre by 1 metre Panel at the Newly Discovered AM-2 Horizon within the AM South Zone on its CESAR Project, NE ColombiaJuly 8th 2020Max Resource Reports 2.1% Copper + 30 g/t Silver over 8-metre by 1-metre Outcrop Discovery for AM South at CESAR, NE ColombiaJune 23rd 2020Max Resource Extends the AM North Copper-Silver Zone from 2.5-km to Over 11-km at CESAR, NE ColombiaJune 9th 2020Max Resource Reports Structural Interpretation Results of the Sediment Hosted Copper-Silver Zone at AM North, NE ColombiaMay 26th 2020Max Resource Reports Initial Results of University of Science and Technology Petrographic Study of the CESAR Sediment Hosted Copper-Silver Project, NE ColombiaMay 21st 2020Max Resource Reports Bulk Sample Assay and QEMSCAN Results 9.4 % Copper + 79 g/t Silver and 3.5 % Copper + 29 g/t Silver from AM NORTH at CESARMay 13th 2020Max Resource and a Major Copper Mining Company Contracts Fathom Geophysics to Study the CESAR Copper-Silver Project in NE ColombiaMay 12th 2020Max Resource Executes the EBAY Palladium-Platinum AgreementApril 21st 2020Max Resource Reports Involvement of AGH-UST, Dept. of Economic Geology, Krakow, Poland, to Study its CESAR Sediment Hosted Cu-Ag Project, NE ColombiaApril 2nd 2020Max Resource Reports 3.5% Cu + 26 g/t Ag Over 10m by 2m Panel; Expands AM-1 Zone to 2,400m; Discovers New 1,000m AM-2 ZoneMarch 25th 2020Max Resource Acquiring EBAY Palladium Through PGE Americas Metals March 4th 2020Max Resource Reports Values of 24.8% Copper + 230 g/t Silver Over 4m by 1m Interval at the CESAR Project, ColombiaFebruary 27th 2020Max Resource Reports “AM North” Discoveries with Values of 10.4% Copper + 88 g/t Silver at the CESAR Project, ColombiaFebruary 25th 2020Max Resource Establishes Subsidiary for Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium Resource AssetsFebruary 20th 2020Max Resource Reports 2.2% Copper and 12g/t Silver Over 15-metre Open-ended, Composite Grab at the CESAR Project, ColombiaFebruary 13th 2020Max Resource Reports Expansion of the High-Grade Copper-Silver Zones to 4.9- km in Length at the CESAR Copper-Silver ProjectFebruary 11th 2020Max Resource Discovers A Second Extended High-grade Copper-silver Zone At The CesarFebruary 4th 2020Max Resource Reports 4.3% Copper and 26 g/t Silver Over 3m by 3m at Cesar Copper-Silver Project in ColombiaJanuary 29th 2020Max Resource Reports Petrographic Study of Stratabound Copper-Silver Mineralization at CesarJanuary 21st 2020Max Resource Expands Footprint with 1.4 km Stratabound Copper-Silver Horizon Discovery Open in Both DirectionsJanuary 8th 2020Max Resource Identifies Visible Copper Oxide Mineralization at Cesar