• TSX.V MAX $0.12 -0.005
  • GOLD $1,973.60
  • SILVER $23.76
  • COPPER $3.68

    Past News

    2020-12-21Max Resource Obtains Historic Drilling Core from its New RT Gold Project in Peru2020-12-09Max Resource Commences Analysis of Historic Drill Cores and Seismic Data for its CESAR Copper-Silver Project, NE Colombia2020-12-02Max Resource Significantly Expands the Herradura Copper-Silver Zone at AM North from 16 to 29 sq.km, CESAR Project, Colombia2020-11-24Max Resource Secures 100% of Underlying Royalties, CESAR Copper-Silver Project, in Colombia2020-11-17Kupferschiefer Presentation at Colombia Gold Symposium Validates Similarities with Max Resource’s CESAR Project2020-11-09Max Resource Discovers Copper-Silver 200-km South in CESAR Basin with Highlight Grab Values of 11.4% Copper + 656 g/t Silver2020-10-28Max Resource Reports 3.0% Copper + 29 g/t Silver Over 250-metres at AM North on its CESAR Project, NE Colombia2020-10-26Max Resource Closes Oversubscribed $6.5 Million Private Placement2020-10-09Max Resource Increases Private Placement to $6,000,0002020-10-07Max Resource Reports Assays of 3.3% Copper Over 25-Metres and Another New Discovery at AM South, CESAR Project, NE Colombia2020-10-04Max Resource Appoints Global Investment Banker Rahim Kassim-Lakha as Strategic Corporate Advisor2020-09-29Max Resource Executes Option to Acquire 100% of the RT Gold Property in Peru2020-09-23Max Resource Increases Private Placement to $4,800,0002020-09-01Max Resource Reports CESAR Copper-Silver Project to be Presented at the IV Geological Congress in Poland2020-08-25Max Resource Reports Presence of Silver-Bearing Copper Sulfides and Native Silver in the AM South Zone at CESAR Project, NE Colombia2020-08-19Max Resource Closes $1.05 Million Private Placement2020-07-29Max Resource Reports New Highlight Values of 34.4% Copper + 305 g/t Silver within the AM North Zone at its CESAR Project, NE Colombia2020-07-21Max Resource Signs Confidentiality Agreement for its CESAR Copper-Silver Project, NE Colombia2020-07-14Max Resource Reports 5.6% Copper and 70 g/t Silver From 13 metre by 1 metre Panel at the Newly Discovered AM-2 Horizon within the AM South Zone on its CESAR Project, NE Colombia2020-07-08Max Resource Reports 2.1% Copper + 30 g/t Silver over 8-metre by 1-metre Outcrop Discovery for AM South at CESAR, NE Colombia2020-06-23Max Resource Extends the AM North Copper-Silver Zone from 2.5-km to Over 11-km at CESAR, NE Colombia2020-06-09Max Resource Reports Structural Interpretation Results of the Sediment Hosted Copper-Silver Zone at AM North, NE Colombia2020-05-26Max Resource Reports Initial Results of University of Science and Technology Petrographic Study of the CESAR Sediment Hosted Copper-Silver Project, NE Colombia2020-05-21Max Resource Reports Bulk Sample Assay and QEMSCAN Results 9.4 % Copper + 79 g/t Silver and 3.5 % Copper + 29 g/t Silver from AM NORTH at CESAR2020-05-13Max Resource and a Major Copper Mining Company Contracts Fathom Geophysics to Study the CESAR Copper-Silver Project in NE Colombia2020-05-12Max Resource Executes the EBAY Palladium-Platinum Agreement2020-04-21Max Resource Reports Involvement of AGH-UST, Dept. of Economic Geology, Krakow, Poland, to Study its CESAR Sediment Hosted Cu-Ag Project, NE Colombia2020-04-02Max Resource Reports 3.5% Cu + 26 g/t Ag Over 10m by 2m Panel; Expands AM-1 Zone to 2,400m; Discovers New 1,000m AM-2 Zone2020-03-25Max Resource Acquiring EBAY Palladium Through PGE Americas Metals 2020-03-04Max Resource Reports Values of 24.8% Copper + 230 g/t Silver Over 4m by 1m Interval at the CESAR Project, Colombia2020-02-27Max Resource Reports “AM North” Discoveries with Values of 10.4% Copper + 88 g/t Silver at the CESAR Project, Colombia2020-02-25Max Resource Establishes Subsidiary for Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium Resource Assets2020-02-20Max Resource Reports 2.2% Copper and 12g/t Silver Over 15-metre Open-ended, Composite Grab at the CESAR Project, Colombia2020-02-13Max Resource Reports Expansion of the High-Grade Copper-Silver Zones to 4.9- km in Length at the CESAR Copper-Silver Project2020-02-11Max Resource Discovers A Second Extended High-grade Copper-silver Zone At The Cesar2020-02-04Max Resource Reports 4.3% Copper and 26 g/t Silver Over 3m by 3m at Cesar Copper-Silver Project in Colombia2020-01-29Max Resource Reports Petrographic Study of Stratabound Copper-Silver Mineralization at Cesar2020-01-21Max Resource Expands Footprint with 1.4 km Stratabound Copper-Silver Horizon Discovery Open in Both Directions2020-01-08Max Resource Identifies Visible Copper Oxide Mineralization at Cesar